Melania Trump wears £5,610 gown by the Duchess of Sussex's favourite designer for dinner with Prince Charles and Camilla

Posted by Vanessa McKelvie on

n an interview last weekend, Donald Trump called the Duchess of Sussex "nasty" (and later denied having done so, despite his comments being recorded).  So we might expect that the subject of Meghan would be off-limits in the Trump household. But we also know by now how adept Melania has become at speaking via her clothing- see, the London monument-decorated Gucci dress which she wore to set off for her UK state visit. And if the caped red gown she chose for the dinner which she hosted alongside her husband at Winfield House on the second night of their stay in London said anything it was- "Meghan, I like your style". 

Welcoming Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall to the US Ambassador's...



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